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I am tired, I am salty, I require silence.

You ole soldier.

Mississippi Gary
I have a CABBAGE for a HEAD.

This is the journal of Kathie K and Cathy C.
This is our life.
We are both very much for the consumption of Slurpies and against the colorization of film.

accordians, acting, africa, alfred hitchcock, art, batman, beatles, bones, books, britain, british comedy, bruce mcculloch, bruises, burlesque, buster keaton, cabbage head, canada, captain spaulding, car rides, cartoons, catholicism, chicken lady, children, cigarettes, classic horror films, classic lit, clothing, colour, comic books, condiments, consciousness, countries, cult classics, darkwing duck, dave foley, dave the dog, dave thomas, delusions of grandeur, diet snapple, dinosaurs, dinsdale, elvis, emotions, eric idle, fahrenheit 451, film, flying circus, food, fraggle rock, fran, france, gavin, gordon, graham chapman, graphic novels, groucho marx, hands, harpo, harpo marx, head crusher, henry david thoreau, hiding from boys, history, indie films, jazz, john cleese, kevin macdonald, kids in the hall, kith, kitsch, legs, lewis carroll, literature, lorne michaels, mark mckinney, marx brothers, mary shelley, mel brooks, michael palin, monty python, mountain men, movies, muppets, music, night, notlob, old crappy movies, old hollywood, old man grumpus, oscar wilde, pete townsend, philosophy, photography, piano, poetry, psychology, recess, religion, rick moranis, ritalin, roald dahl, robots, rocket, roger daltrey, romanticism, rubberbands that go snap-snap, rubik's cube, russian lit, saturday night cinema, sci-fi, scissors, scott thompson, short films, silent film, sketch comedy, skoora the gentle shark, smoking, sock monkeys, spaghetti westerns, star wars, stars, storytelling, tattoos, television, terry gilliam, terry jones, the 90s, the beatles, the great outdoors, the great white north, the spanish inquisition, transcendentalism, vintage, whales, words, world music, wrists, writing, writing incredibly short poems, yellowstone